Express entry

Canada's latest immigration selection program

What is it?

Express Entry is a new initiative aimed at anyone who wishes to become a permanent resident of Canada. From January 1, 2015, entry into Canada under the following programs is exclusively by way of Express Entry: 

  •   The Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSW)

This program focuses on those who have skilled work experience and are able to contribute to the Canadian economy and want to live in Canadian society. The program utilizes a points based system to decide on appropriate candidates. A minimum of 67 points must be achieved from categories, which include competency in language skills, further education, relevant work experience, age and a secure employment offer. 

  •   The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST)

The FST is intended for those who want to become a permanent resident or citizen of Canada and are qualified in an ‘in-demand’ skilled trade. There is a minimum criteria which must be met for an application to be considered including basic English or French language competency, minimum full-time work experience in a relevant trade, being able to meet the job requirements as defined in the NOC (National Occupational Classification) and having an offer of full-time employment for a guaranteed minimum of one year. 


  •   The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

This is an opportunity for those with Canadian work experience to become Canadian residents. To qualify for this program the applicant must be able to provide evidence of 12 months’ work experience in a skilled profession in the past three years and be able to meet a minimum language requirement. This application can take place while the candidate remains in Canada as long as their existing visa permits. 

  •   The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program is a fast-track selection process, which allows provinces and territories to recommend individuals who would like to live in their specific province. The selection criteria varies from province to province and territory to territory. Every PNP is designed around the particular requirements of the province and include meeting basic language and work experience criteria. 

Express Entry is not a program in itself but is an online tool used for CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada) to choose candidates to become permanent residents of Canada based on a points system. 

Are you eligible?

To apply for Express Entry you need to qualify for one of the above Canadian immigration programs, and, while the criteria varies for each program, you must meet one or more of the following criteria to be considered:

  •   At least one-year full-time Canadian work experience (or the equivalent of part-time experience) 
  •   At least, one-year full-time work experience (or the equivalent of part-time experience) abroad in an occupation that Canada deems skilled (attach list
  •   At least two years full-time work experience or the equivalent part-time experience abroad in a trade
  •   If your work experience is from abroad, you will usually be required to have a job offer in Canada

There are additional requirements relevant to the individual programs.


How do I apply?

Once you have determined that you are eligibility for Express Entry, you can create your online Express Entry Profile. The profile requires you to provide details regarding your skills, education, work experience and other relevant personal information. Your profile is ranked based on the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System), and those who receive enough points will receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) from the relevant federal and provincial government.

If you receive an ITA, you will be asked to submit all supporting documentation within 60 days ( may vary), and your permanent residence will be issued within six months or more. If you are not invited to apply within 12 months from creating your online Express Entry profile, you will need to re-submit your application within 60 days of it expiring.

How can I improve my ranking?

Your points will be given based on your skills, education, spouse or common-law partners and an offer of employment. If you wish to increase your opportunity and improve your ranking before you apply there are some things you can consider:

  •   Securing a valid job offer from a Canadian employer using Job Bank or private sector job boards
  •   Qualifying for a Provincial Nominee Program
  •   Improving your language skills
  •   Improving your education by taking additional courses in areas relevant to those skills required in the Canadian job market
  •   Improving your work experience
  •   Always give true and accurate information – giving false information will lead you to be prohibited from submitting another application for at least five years

There are some steps to follow to complete the Express Entry process, and we can assess your qualifications and determine your eligibility. 

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