Provincial Nominees

Looking for more info on the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

Individual provinces within Canada have their own needs and requirements and have the ability to select the benefits that a migrant can bring to their community. It is because of these requirements that the Provincial Nominee Program exists; the PNP allows each particular province to nominate candidates based on their own prerequisites. 

Potential migrants who are nominated through the PNP must have satisfactory levels of education, skills and work experience for their application to be successful and they must also have plans to live in the appropriate province. The intention of the migrant must be to contribute to the economy of the province. 


The PNP, while operated through individual governments, operates through an arrangement with CIC and is an ideal way to fast track an immigration application.

If you are a good fit for the PNP, you must apply for a Provincial Nomination Certificate from the appropriate province, and once this is received, you can begin an application for permanent residency. While the PNP is a faster and often a more straightforward way to apply for permanent residency, you will still need the skills of an immigration specialist to guide you through the process, and Renroz Immigration Corp can provide you with that experts. 

In January 2015, an Express Entry avenue was initiated making the PNP an even more attractive option for individuals considering migration. Recommendations differ depending on whether you are applying through the Express or Non-Express Entry, and we can help you choose the entry method that is most suitable for you and ensure this process is completed as fast and efficiently as possible so that you can begin your new life without delay. 

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